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Looking for something different than the old run of the mill birthday party?

Why not have an unforgettable  Young Engineers Birthday party?

Our Birthday party is perfect for creative children who love to let their imagination run wild. Our party participants will each get the chance to build and play with a fantastic motorised model made from LEGO® bricks.

Each child will have their own  kit and instructions on how to create their model. All children will be supported to build ensuring that they all complete the model and get to play with it even if they have never played with LEGO® before.

Our parties last for 90 minutes and typically have the following format:

  • Warmup activities as the children arrive, we’ll have lots and lots of LEGO® for them to play with while we wait for the all the children to arrive.

  • Activity briefing, we’ll explain the kits, the instructions and the model we are going to build.

  • Model building & playing (typically 60 minutes)

  • Certificate and gift ceremony


All parties are £15 per child include the following:

  • 2 x Party hosts

  • Building activity with all equipment provided

  • Young Engineers T-shirt and LEGO® item for the birthday child

  • Certificate for each child

  • Large Happy Birthday Banner for use on the day

  • LEGO ® Photobooth & Props (photos taken by Young Engineers and/or Parents)

**Please note there is an additional charge of £5 to cover travel to the following postcodes: EH6 to EH8, EH15 to EH26. Travel charges to postcodes outside this area will depend on where you would like us to come.

Note: our parties are for children aged 7 and older.

During term time we can offer the following times for weekend parties:

  • Saturdays: For parties of 12 to 30 children, anytime after 3pm. For parties 8 to 12 children, anytime after 1230pm
  • Sundays: For parties of 8 to 12 children, between 10am and 3pm. For parties of 12 to 30 children, anytime after 3pm.



After all the children have received their certificates we recommend that where possible they move to another room for cake and snacks, the Young Engineers Team will pack away the kits and models.

Birthday Photobooth


Birthday Party Packages

The Sweetie Factory!


Children build a conveyor belt to move sweeties through the factory. They can build dispensers, baskets or cars to drop off and pickup the sweeties. Each child will have their own kit as well as piles of extra bricks to let them build all the extras they need for their factory. Note sweets not provided.

The Funfair!

funfairChildren build a merry go around or a pirate ship ride for their funfair. Rides can be extra tall and extra fast, children can build combinations of rides within the group leading to our very own funfair at the end. Minifigures and accessories are provided to support lots of creative play.




Our F1 Racecar!

Children build racing car, they have the option to build a motorised or non motorised version (non motorised are easier to race) and have lots of opportunities to customise the car. We can provide ramps, sand, cones and other obstacles to encourage play.





We can also provide the following optional extras:

  • Young Engineers t-shirt for each child (£4.50 per child)

  • Young Engineers plastic party bags, with silicon bracelet and stickers, badge and LEGO® crayons (£3 per child)

  • Young Engineers/LEGO®, tablecloth, plates, cups, napkins (£15 flat rate)

  • LEGO® birthday cake (£55 to £70 dependant on design)




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