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Easter STEM Camps in Edinburgh

A Young Engineers Holiday Camp provides children with a fun and exciting way to explore science and engineering during their holidays. Our sessions involve the building of complex machines while learning about scientific and engineering principles. We keep classes small to ensure each child has a chance to learn and build at their own pace.

Our sessions will have the following structure:

  • 9.45 am to 10am: Drop off time, children can be dropped off and will have free play time before the session starts
  • 10am to 10.30am:  Team games and team experiments to  introduce a scientific theme and work on our collaboration and sharing.
  • 10.30am to 12.00pm: Building a LEGO Model the children will augment their understanding of the scientific concept and have lots of time for adding extra elements to their model
  • 12pm to 12.45pm: Lunch and free play. Children can bring a nut free lunch and a drink.
  • 12.45pm to 2pm: Build Challenge. The children can work on their own or in pairs or groups to complete a challenge that requires all their LEGO building ingenuity and STEM understanding.
  • 2pm: Pickup


What will the children build?

Each day is different, children can attend for one day or the full programme

  • Monday: Build a footballer and goal and use our models to play LEGO football! We will learn about forces and measuring.
  • Tuesday: Build a model that draws pictures and learn about shapes and angles
  • Wednesday: Build models that allow us to play ping pong, learn about probabilty and chance
  • Thursday: Build a toy and learn about the design process, trial and error and design improvements
  • Friday: Build a factory and learn about different machines

Who are the camps for?

  • The camps are aimed at children aged 6 to 9.
  • Children should be interested in how the models work, each session includes an educational element and we will be encouraging children to change the models with specific goals in mind.

Where are the camps?

This Easter we are running two camps  in Edinburgh

  • Meggetland Camp: April 3rd to 6th at Meggetland, Edinburgh EH14 1XQ
  • Cramond Camp: April 9th to 13th at Cramond Kirk Halls, Cramond Glebe Rd, Edinburgh EH4 6NS


How do I book?

All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions