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Autumn Term Booking!

Welcome to the Autumn Booking Page. Here is our new timetable. New classes are in bold:

Day Big Builders 45 mins Bricks Challenge – 75 mins Galileo Technic – 90 mins
Monday Broxburn 3:45pm Broxburn 4:45pm Broxburn 6.15pm
Tuesday Dunfermline 3.45pm Dunfermline 4.45pm

Linlithgow 5.30pm

Marchmont 5.15pm

Linlithgow 7pm
Wednesday Mid Calder 3:45pm Mid Calder 4.45pm

Corstorphine – 5.15pm

Corstorphine – 6.45pm
Thursday Stockbridge 3pm (Ages 3 & 4 – 30min class)

Stockbridge 3:45pm

Stockbridge 4.45pm Stockbridge 6:15pm
Friday Juniper Green 1.30pm Juniper Green 2:30pm Juniper Green 4pm
Saturday Cramond 10am, 11am

Craiglockhart 10am

Cramond 11am (Ages 6 & 7 – 1 hour class)

Cramond 12.15pm

Craiglockhart  3pm

Craiglockhart 11am
Sunday Bathgate 1.30pm

Dunfermline 11.30am

Bathgate 2.30pm

Dunfermline 12.30pm

Bathgate 11.45am

Addresses for our venues can be found here

Term 2 will run from October 23rd to December 17th (8 weeks). Term prices are:

  • Big Builders:  Juniors £52, Standard £64
  • Bricks Challenge: Juniors £76, Standard £96
  • Galileo: £108


Tasters are charged at Big Builders Juniors £6.50, Big Builders Standard £8, Bricks Challenge Juniors £9.50, Bricks Challenge Standard £12 and Galileo £13.50. Note that each child can attend one taster only and then must book on the block.

What Class Should I book?

What Class Should I book? – Click to Read More

You can read all about our programmes here: Our Programmes

We recommend the following classes:

  • Preschool to P2: Big Builders
  • P3 to P5 Bricks Challenge
  • P6 to S2 Galileo.

Please note we do not accept P1s Bricks Challenge.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods – Click to Read More

Payment can be made in one of three ways:

  • BACS to Young Engineers, sort code 09-01-29, account 03461420. To pay by BACS please Contact us telling us which class you wish to book. Once we have your payment we will send you a booking confirmation. Your place on the class is not confirmed until the payment has been made and you have received your booking confirmation.
  • Direct Debit please Contact us to setup your direct debit mandate. We can offer 2 direct debit options. Monthly direct debit for bookings from August to Christmas: Your fee would be split into 5 equal payments taken on a date of your choice each calendar month 3 payments for bookings from August to October: Payment for 3 classes is taken at the time of booking, followed by a payment for 2 classes in the first week of September and the final payment for 2 classes in the last week of September
  • Paypal You can pay online using the booking app below for Term 1, Term 2 or both. You do not need a paypal account and can checkout as a guest or paypal user. Please note paypal fees at 3.4% will be added at the time of payment

Term Dates

Term Dates – Click to Read More

Our term dates for the 2017/2018 academic year are as follows:

  • Term 1: August 28th to October 15th
  • Term 2: October 22nd to December 17th
  • Term 3: January 8th to March 30th
  • Term 4: April 16th to June 24th

Children can attend a taster class to see if they enjoy the class and then want to return. After a taster all bookings are for the remaining classes in that term. No pay as you go option is available.

Tasters are only offered in classes where there are spaces. Priority will always be given to term bookings. It is possible to book tasters several weeks in advance, however please be aware that should another person wish to take that term booking earlier in the programme then they will be given priority. Full refunds will be provided to anyone who books a taster in a class the subsequently fills with term bookings.

All taster bookings must be paid for at the time of booking.

How do I book?

Bookings can be made through our online booking app below.

Note if you want to pay by BACS then booking must be done by YE staff manually. Please email us on edinburgh@young-engineers.co.uk  if you wish to make a manual payment. 

You cannot use the booking app unless you are paying by PayPal or using a credit or debit card. Bookings are not confirmed until payment has been received.

When using the app select TERM BLOCKS (to book to the entire term) or CLASSES (to book a taster) 

All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions

If you are a user of our previous booking system, please reset your password before using the new system.